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NEFF N 90, fully-integrated dishwasher, 60 cm, S299YB801E


Flex 3 with Retrofit
Fit it all in your dishwasher.
Flex 3 Baskets have a flexible folding design that lets you adapt them in seconds for different items, from glassware to crockery and pans. Flex 3 includes a basket for cutlery and a larger one for items that won’t fit elsewhere. They’re designed to glide in and out easily, and there’s a handy stopper to ensure the rack doesn’t move past the edge of the door.
Intelligent Programme
Flexible settings for individually customised washing and drying cycles
Flexibility is…when your dishwasher is able to adapt the washing and drying cycles to your creative kitchen’s needs. For this, simply give your feedback by rating the programme’s duration, cleaning, and drying results on your Home Connect App. After collecting your feedback, our Intelligent Programme comes up with individual solutions that meet your needs best and are also fully transparent about water and energy consumption.
Vario Hinge
Tricky installations – solved.
Feature IconVario Hinge lets you install your dishwasher at floor level or higher. When you open the door, it lifts up the front panel so that it opens freely and doesn’t make contact with base underneath. Now you don’t have to compromise on kitchen design, and your dishwasher will combine effortlessly with every other unit.
Better drying, less energy use.
Feature IconThe Zeolith® compartment contains natural minerals that work in harmony with your dishwasher. During the drying phase, they absorb moisture and release heat. Items of all shapes and sizes – from glasses to dishware and cutlery – are finished to a sheen. So you’ve got time to start your next cooking adventure.
Home Connect
Home Connect
Feature IconHome Connect joins your dishwasher to your smart home network. Thanks to this interoperability, you can enjoy new flexibility with remote services, and if you like you can start your dishwasher via voice command. Or you might relax into the comfort of hearing music, watching the lights blink, or changing the colour when the dishes are sparkling again. In other words, your dishwasher is passionately connected to your digital convenience – both inside and outside the kitchen.
Gap Illumination
Is the dishwasher active? Check the light.
Feature IconWant to tell whether your dishwasher is active? Simply look for a light beam in the gap of your dishwasher door. When Gap Illumination is on, so is your dishwasher. And if you open the door and pause the cycle, the light starts blinking. So, focus on the dinner party and forget about what the dishwasher is doing.
Chef 70°C
Baked on? Washed away.
Feature IconSome dishwashers can’t deal with everything that’s baked on or burnt. But the Chef 70°C programme does exactly that. Use it for pots, pans, casseroles and resilient tableware. The hotter temperatures and more powerful sprays tackle even the toughest residues – leaving you free to flex your creativity elsewhere.
Door Open Assist
Opens with a nudge.
Feature IconFlush surfaces are such a good look. Our dishwashers with Door Open Assist harmonise with your other sleek surfaces. A gentle push is enough to open the door slightly, and you can take it from there. Perfect when your hands are full with a bowl of steaming pasta.
Save your favourites.
Feature IconChoose a programme, option or a combination on your dishwasher and save it as a Favourite. It’s flexible to use – either using your Home Connect app or directly on the dishwasher. Start your favourite selection with a tap or push, and enjoy a few extra me-moments.
Glass Care System
Gentle care for delicate glass.
Feature IconCloudy finish on your glasses after dishwashing? Not anymore. The NEFF Glass Care System softens the water in your dishwasher automatically, and just enough, so that your glassware comes out sparkling, fog-free and ready for your next toast.
No more worrying about water damage.
Feature IconPut your mind at ease. Our Aqua Stop system delivers fail-safe leak protection. It stops leaks automatically by closing the safety valve next to the tap. You just need to see that the appliance is correctly installed and connected. The Aqua Stop guarantee comes on top of our appliance warranty – and it’s valid for the lifetime of your dishwasher.

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Give feedback on your washing and drying cycle results via the Home Connect app and the Intelligent Programme will easily adapts to your needs.

Flex 3 with Retrofit – Versatile dishwasher baskets for flexible loading.
Intelligent Programme – Flexible settings for individually customised washing and drying cycles based on your feedback
Vario Hinge – Install your dishwasher almost anywhere.
Zeolith® – Outstanding dishwasher drying using natural minerals.
Home Connect – Add your dishwasher to your home network and enjoy the infinite possibilities of connected services

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