BOSCH Series 8, Built-in oven, 60 x 60 cm, Black HBG7784B1


The built-in oven with Digital Control Ring and TFT-touchdisplay, Assist function for meals, Air Fry, PerfectBake Plus, PerfectRoast Plus, Home Connect for control via the App.

Digital Control Ring: the simple and innovative way to select oven settings.
TFT Touch Display Pro: perfect control thanks to an innovative Digital Control Ring and full-surface TFT touchscreen.
4D Hotair: even heat distribution for perfect results – on any level.
Hotair Gentle: saves energy while baking and roasting.
Crisp Function: for an even crispier finish.

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Digital Control Ring
When intuitive meets digital.
With our Digital Control Ring, operating your oven is not only easier but is also more innovative. Instead of rotary knobs, you intuitively adjust your oven settings directly on the control panel using just your index finger. Simply move your finger across the ring engraved on the control panel and confirm the desired setting with your fingertip.
TFT Touch Display Pro
Puts your food on display.
The innovative Digital Control Ring makes cooking easier than ever. With a slight turn of the engraved centre ring, you can adjust any of your oven’s settings with just one finger. You’re supported by the 6.8-inch, full-surface, high-resolution, plain-text TFT touchscreen and directly selectable buttons. Clear, vivid images and info texts assist you through each step as you navigate the programme options. Thus, you always have a complete overview and full control over your appliance’s functions.
4D Hotair
Bake evenly on any level.
Baking just got a whole lot more flexible: with 4D Hotair, heat is distributed swiftly and evenly throughout your oven’s interior. Place your tray or rack on any level from one to four and enjoy consistently perfect results. And that’s not all: You can also bake biscuits or cookies on up to four levels at the same time, and get reliable results from top to bottom.
Hotair Gentle
The gentle way of cooking.
Feature IconDo you want to save energy while cooking? With Hotair Gentle, we’ve improved the heating mode that’s most commonly used in households. The fan distributes the heat evenly throughout the oven cavity, which can help save energy. When baking on a single level – such as small baked goods, cakes in tins or cakes on a baking tray – no preheating is necessary.
Crisp Function
Crispy and tasty.
Feature IconDo you want to give your roast a final crispy finish? Nothing could be easier thanks to the Crisp Function, which removes moisture directly from the oven cavity during the roasting or baking process. This gives your finished dish the extra crispiness you want.
Oven Assistant
The shortcut to your preferred dish.
Feature IconAre you sometimes unsure of which programme is right for which dish? Just ask the Oven Assistant. Connect your oven to your registered Home Connect account and simply tell it what dish you want to prepare via the Home Connect app or your Amazon Alexa voice control device. The oven will then suggest suitable settings or programmes and switch directly to your selection – an extremely convenient feature. To enjoy the Oven Assistant, just connect your oven to your registered Home Connect account.
PerfectRoast sensor
Love at first bite.
Feature IconBe it roast turkey, Easter lamb, Christmas carp – PerfectRoast meatprobe comes with the know-how of a professional chef, but at much less expense. Three highly sensitive measuring points help the sensor determine the core temperature within the food – accurate to degree and second. Maximum measurement accuracy is achieved by inserting all three measuring points at liberty, guaranteeing perfect roasting results. Another advantage: PerfectRoast may be used in combination with microwave and added steam functions - in case your oven offers these functions, too.
Automatic Switch-off
Switch-off made easy.
Feature IconAre you uncertain whether your soufflé, pizza or roast is really done? Just connect your oven via the Assist function or the Home Connect app and let your Bosch oven make the decision for you. It knows when the dish has reached the right level of doneness and switches itself off accordingly. Naturally, it also informs you via a signal or the Home Connect app. To enjoy “Automatic Switch-off”, just connect your oven to your registered Home Connect account.
Favourites on demand.
To avoid having to enter the same settings for your favourite dish over and over again, just save them under “Favourites” so that you can access them instantly and at any time, both on the appliance and in the Home Connect app. To enjoy "Favourites", just connect your oven to your registered Home Connect account.
Home Connect
The connected way of cooking.
Do you want to discover the full potential of your oven? Just connect your oven to your registered Home Connect account so that you can control your appliance from wherever you are and can also use digital services. You can even use voice control with Amazon Alexa or Google Assist. Start and stop cooking functions, change settings and manage favourites – all while away from your kitchen. Settings are synced between the app and the oven. You’ll be informed via push notifications as soon as the programme is done. Software downloads keep your oven up to date. Enjoy cooking on your own terms.
Pyrolytic self-cleaning
Let your oven do the cleaning.
Feature IconCleaning the oven by hand can be both exhausting and time-consuming. Our pyrolytic self-cleaning ovens let you say goodbye to this unpopular chore once and for all. Just select the feature, press “Start” and, depending on the degree of soiling, your oven heats up to 480°C, burning away grease or food residue – no chemicals needed. Once the oven has cooled down, simply wipe out the bit of ash and you’re done. So you can enjoy more time savouring the results and less time cleaning up.

SoftClose door
The oven door opens and closes gently and quietly
Feature IconDrop Down door with SoftOpen and SoftClose: the oven door opens and closes gently and quietly
Recipe World
Discover the world of taste.
Searching for versatile dishes that match your taste can be overwhelming. But now you’ll no longer have to look far for the right recipe. Just connect your oven to your registered Home Connect account and discover an inspiring selection of delicious recipes from Home Connect and recipe partner apps like "Kitchen Stories" and "foodfittery". Simply select a recipe and send the settings directly to your oven. Enjoy flexible meal preparation and, above all, tasty meals.
Cooking tips
Trends and advice in one place.
Feature IconKeeping up to date with the latest in cooking takes time and effort. But with Home Connect, you can easily stay on top of your game. The app grants quick access to innovative cooking and food preparation techniques – directly on your smartphone or tablet. Taking your cooking skills to the next level has never been easier or more convenient.
The smart oven that follows the recipe for you.
The smart oven that follows the recipe for you.
With access to a vast bank of exciting recipes, Home Connect transfers the ideal cooking settings directly to your oven. Just use your mobile device to select the desired dish in the Home Connect app and your oven will automatically set the ideal heating type, temperature and cooking time. You can then save your favourite recipes in the Home Connect app for easy access. Now you can pull off even the most challenging recipes without breaking a sweat.
Check on your oven - even when you are not at home.
Check on your oven - even when you are not at home.
Feature Icon‘Did I leave the oven on at home?‘ A question that has constantly tormented every home cook. Ovens with the Home Connect remote control function now remove all doubt, to leave you with a peace of mind. Simply use your mobile device to check on your oven’s status, and conveniently control and monitor your oven remotely via the Home Connect app. With access to your oven on the go, you can now leave the house with complete confidence knowing everything is in perfect order.
Air Fry
Fry this at home.
Feature IconWhy not make your own potato crisps? Or make crisps out of fresh vegetables instead of potatoes? Simply place thinly sliced potatoes or other vegetables on the fine-mesh Air Fry tray, add a little oil, and select the Air Fry function, and soon you’ll be comfortably snacking in front of the TV. And here’s another tip: You can also use the Air Fry function to prepare small grilled dishes. The Air Fry tray (HEZ629070) is available as an accessory.
PerfectBake Plus
The collective experience of thousands of users around the world - now in your oven.
Feature IconNever before has baking been so simple: The PerfectBake Plus sensor measures the humidity inside your oven and automatically adjusts the heating mode, baking time and temperature. Simply select a dish (like “Muffins”) and press Start. Your oven takes over from there. The best part: Thanks to artificial intelligence you can even see how many minutes are left until your dish is ready to serve, so that you can have your oven mitts ready. To enjoy PerfectBake Plus, just connect your oven to your registered Home Connect account.
PerfectRoast Plus
The collective experience of thousands of users around the world - now in your oven.
Feature IconFor roast beef, whole fish and chicken, timing is everything. PerfectRoast Plus takes the guesswork out of knowing when your dishes are perfectly tender. The meat probe uses three measuring points to check the temperature of your dish. When the selected internal core temperature is reached, your dish is roasted to perfection. Thanks to artificial intelligence, the oven can even tell you how many minutes are left until your dish is ready to serve, so that you can time your meals to perfection. To enjoy PerfectRoast Plus, just connect your oven to your registered Home Connect account. In addition, the Meat Probe Assistant supports you when you don’t know the best oven setting for achieving your preferred degree of doneness. If you want your beef tenderloin to be “medium rare”, for example, the Assistant will recommend the right core temperature – in this case 58°C.

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