BOSCH Series 8, Combi-steam oven, 60 x 45 cm, Black CSG7584B1


Digital Control Ring
When intuitive meets digital.
With the Digital Control Ring, it is not only easier to operate your oven, it is also more intuitive. Instead of rotary knobs, you intuitively adjust oven settings directly on the control panel, using just your index finger. Simply move your finger across the ring engraved on the control panel and press to confirm the desired setting.
TFT Touch Display Pro
View your food on display.
The innovative Digital Control Ring makes cooking easier than ever. With a slight turn of the engraved centre ring, you can adjust your oven settings with one finger. There is also a 6.8-inch, full-surface, high-resolution, plain-text TFT touchscreen and directly selectable buttons. Clear, vivid images and info texts assist you at every step, as you navigate the programme options. So you always have a complete overview and full control over your oven’s functions.
Perfect Steam
Steam to perfection.
Feature IconGet extra steam to bake bread or roast chicken for added crispness and moisture. A precise sensor constantly measures the oxygen and calculates the humidity level inside the oven to automatically regulate the amount of steam. Once you select the Added Steam function or a dish programme with steam support, the sensor is activated to provide the perfect level of steam. Perfect Steam does it all automatically.
Steam Function Plus
Increase the heat – and the goodness.
Feature IconThe new Steam Function Plus steams at temperatures of up to 120°C, so meals are ready quicker and retain even more goodness. Green beans and carrots, for example, are ready up to 50% faster. Broccoli cooked using Steam Function Plus retains up to 54% more nutrients, while potatoes retain up to 25% more Vitamin C.
Steam Boost Function
Steam on demand.
Feature IconHome-baked bread always tastes better. And adding a little steam during baking gives even better results. Just activate the Steam Boost Function. Once the steam is hot enough, you can inject individual shots of steam as needed – for bread that is crisp on the outside and nice and fluffy inside.
4D Hotair compact
Get an even bake.
Feature IconBaking is now more flexible than ever. With 4D Hotair, heat is distributed swiftly and evenly throughout your oven. Place a tray or rack on any level, from one to four, and enjoy consistently perfect results. What’s more, you can bake or roast on up to two levels at the same time, and get reliable results from top to bottom.
Hotair Gentle
The gentle way of cooking.
Feature IconDo you want to save energy while cooking? With Hotair Gentle, we’ve improved the heating mode that’s most commonly used in households. The fan distributes the heat evenly throughout the oven cavity, which can help save energy. When baking on a single level – such as small baked goods, cakes in tins or cakes on a baking tray – no preheating is necessary.
Oven Assistant
The smart route to your preferred dish.
Feature IconNow it is easy to get the right programme for every dish. Just ask the Oven Assistant. Pair your oven to your registered Home Connect account and tell it which dish you want to prepare, either via the app or your Amazon Alexa voice control device. Your oven will suggest the most suitable settings or programmes, and switch directly to your selection – pure convenience. To enjoy the Oven Assistant, just pair your oven to your registered Home Connect account.
Automatic Switch-off
Cooking times made easy.
Feature IconIt’s not always easy to know if your pie, pizza or roast is properly done. With the Assist Function, your Bosch oven will automatically switch off once the programme is finished. It knows when the dish is ready and informs you via a signal or the Home Connect app. Just pair your oven to your registered Home Connect account.
Favourites on demand.
Avoid entering the same settings for your favourite dish every time. Simply save them under “Favourites” and access them instantly, at any time, on both your oven and Home Connect app. To enjoy “Favourites”, just pair your oven to your registered Home Connect account.
Home Connect
The connected way to cook.
Take control of your oven from anywhere. Just pair your oven with your Home Connect account for complete control. Also enjoy a range of partner services. You can even use voice control with Amazon Alexa or Google Assist. Select cooking functions, change settings and manage your favourites. Settings are synced between the app and oven. You will receive a notification as soon as the programme is done. Software downloads keep your oven updated.
Cleaning Assistance
Cleaning support made easy.
Is your oven lightly soiled and in need of a quick cleaning? Just place approximately 400 ml of water with a drop of liquid detergent in the bottom of the oven cavity and select the proper cleaning programme. The environmentally friendly cleaning system softens baked-on residue, making it much easier to wipe off afterwards.
Top Bottom Heat Gentle
The gentle way of cooking.
Feature IconDo you want to try additional heating modes? Besides the classic Top and Bottom Heat, another version is also available. With this heating mode, you can prepare small baked goods, bread and rolls to perfection every time. Depending on the particular food and method of preparation, you can also save energy.

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The compact steam oven with Digital Control Ring and TFT-touchdisplay, assist function for meals PerfectBake Plus, PerfectRoast Plus, Home Connect for control via the App.

Digital Control Ring: simple and intuitive oven control.
TFT Touch Display Pro: full control with the innovative Digital Control Ring and TFT touchscreen.
Perfect Steam: bake or roast with extra steam for added crispness and moisture.
Steam Function Plus: gentle, healthy food preparation at up to 120°C.
Steam Boost Function: bake crispy bread with individual shots of steam.

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