SIEMENS IQ700, Built-in oven, 60 x 60 cm, Black HB978GNB1B

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TFT-Touchdisplay Pro
For optimal high-contrast smooth-touch navigation.
Feature IconWith its user-friendly menu structure, smooth-touch navigation and a large, high-contrast colour display that is easy to read from any angle, the TFT-Touchdisplay Pro allows you to operate your oven easily and comfortably. The intuitive guidance through the extensive menu helps you to get the most from your oven.
cookControl Pro
Automatically perfectly cooked meals.
Feature IconWorried about overcooking your food? Pre-installed, automated baking and roasting programmes in your oven guarantee ideal preparation. Simply select your dish via the clearly arranged TFT-Touchdisplay and the oven’s sensors control the process. Select a result from various suggestions to suit your preferences or time. The oven automatically applies the correct settings and functions and turns off when your dish is ready, so you can relax while your food is cooking. More programmes can be downloaded in future – just connect your oven with your registered Home Connect account.
Oven Assistant with Voice Control
Simply get the perfect oven setting for your dish.
Feature IconYou’re not always sure which programme is right for which dish? Simply tell your oven via your Amazon Alexa Voice Control device which dish you want to prepare. Or, alternatively, via the Home Connect App. The Oven Assistant will then suggest suitable settings or programmes and switch directly to your selection – a shortcut that really saves you time. To enjoy the Oven Assistant just connect your oven with your registered Home Connect account.
Effortless oven cleaning.
Hang up your oven-cleaning gloves for good. Thanks to the activeClean® function, your oven now cleans itself. Just remove any loose remnants, and the oven does the rest. At the touch of a button, all deposits from baking, roasting and grilling are turned to ash at high temperature. Use a damp cloth to wipe surfaces clean and you’re done.
Home Connect with Remote Control and Monitoring
Enjoy complete control over your oven.
Want to unlock the full potential of your oven? Just connect your oven with your registered Home Connect account ( to control it from anywhere and use digital services – even by voice with Amazon Alexa or Google Assist. Start and end cooking programmes, change settings and manage favourites – without being in the kitchen. Settings are synced between the app and oven, and you will get push notifications when the programme is done. Software downloads keep your oven up to date. Enjoy cooking on your own terms.
humidClean Plus (Oven)
For fast cleaning dirt is softened beforehand by vaporizing soapy water. It can then be removed more easily.
Perfect for quick cleaning in between: With humidClean Plus, cleaning your oven is easier than ever before. Simply add a drop of detergent to 400 ml of water. Pour this rinsing solution onto the centre of the completely cooled cooking compartment floor. Just set the cleaning programme humidClean Plus and let the oven do the rest. As soon as the programme is finished, you can easily remove the soiling soaked up by the vapour with a dish cloth or a soft brush.
bakingSensor Plus and roastingSensor Plus
Perfect baking and roasting results at all times.
Feature IconWorried that the bread or roast in the oven won’t be perfect? Baking as well as preparing meat, poultry or fish is now easier than ever. The bakingSensor Plus measures the moisture level in the oven during the fully-automatic baking process, guaranteeing perfect results. The roastingSensor Plus measures the temperature at three different points in the meat for highest accuracy. And Home Connect keeps you updated on the estimated cooking time. To enjoy the time prediction for bakingSensor Plus and roastingSensor plus, just connect your oven with your registered Home Connect account.
4D hotAir
Bake evenly, using up to four levels at once.
Feature IconGetting even baking results used to be tricky, but not any more. With 4D hotAir, an innovative fan moves heat fast and powerfully through the oven’s interior. Place your trays on any rack, from one to four, and your dishes will come out perfectly baked and evenly browned. Or bake pastries on four levels at the same time, and enjoy excellent results.
varioClip rails Plus
Flexible cooking on every level.
Feature IconTo enjoy a perfect dish, it is important that it is positioned in the oven at the correct height. Thanks to a quick and easy mounting system, you can fix the telescopic varioClip rails Plus at any height inside your oven – even at grill level. In addition, the full-extension rail system allows you to safely and easily load and unload your food in the oven.
fastPreheat with coolStart
Speed up cooking times.
Feature IconThe fastPreheat function heats the oven rapidly. With coolStart you can speed up the cooking of frozen food as there’s no preheating needed – your dish will be done in the same number of minutes you see on the packaging. Both intelligent functions save you precious time when you need fast results.
World of recipes
Discover an endless world of delicious recipes.
Searching for versatile dishes to match your lifestyle can be overwhelming. Now, however, you don’t have to look far for the right recipe: Discover an inspiring selection of delicious recipes with Home Connect and recipe partner apps like Kitchen Stories and Foodfittery. Simply select a recipe and transfer the settings directly to your oven. Enjoy flexible meal preparation, and above all: delicious meals. To enjoy this feature just connect your oven to your registered Home Connect account.
Online support
User support whenever and wherever you need it.
Installing a new oven can be overwhelming. With the Home Connect app, learning about your oven is as easy as preparing a frozen pizza. An interactive user manual helps you find solutions, tips and tricks to get the most out of your oven. If you have a problem with your oven, simply use remote diagnostics to clarify the next steps. Siemens Customer Service will access the appliance with your permission to find and fix the error. To enjoy this benefit just connect your oven with your registered Home Connect account.
Glass handle
Visibly invisible.
With their obtrusive handles, many ovens don’t blend well into a modern kitchen. The new ergonomic glass handle is functional, despite being almost invisible. Thanks to the dark coloration on the front and back, as well as smooth polished edges the innovative glass handle is perfectly visually integrated. As soon as you look at it from another angle, the handle blends visually into the door surface. For a modern, sleek design in an ergonomic handle.
softMove Function
Feature IconThe intelligent damping mechanism ensures that the oven door opens and closes gently, preventing damage to the oven door.

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Shorten your cooking time thanks to fast preheat, coolStart and activeClean. And remote control your oven from anywhere with Home Connect.

TFT-Touchdisplay Pro – Large colour touch display for comfortable operation.
cookControl Pro – Excellent results, whatever the recipe or circumstances.
Oven Assistant with Voice Control – Intuitively set the right programme.
activeClean® – The automatic, self-cleaning oven system.
Home Connect with Remote Control and Monitoring – Unlock the full potential of your smart oven.

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