SIEMENS IQ700, Induction hob, 80 cm, Black, EX875KYW1E


Siemens flexInduction cooktop is designed for greater flexibility when cooking

flexInduction Plus – Smart, extendable cooking zone adapts to your cookware
For easy operation and good readability from any viewing angle – TFT Touchdisplay.
Home Connect: integrate your hob into your intelligent kitchen.
cookingSensor Plus ready: the supplementary available sensor prevents overboiling thanks to precise temperature control.
fryingSensor Plus – No more burning or scorching your meals.

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flexInduction Plus
The hob that adapts to your cookware.
Feature IconWith flexInduction Plus, the flexible cooking zones automatically extend in two directions to add more depth or width for your extra-large cookware up to 30 cm in diameter. If one zone is not big enough for your cookware item, your hob takes control and activates more inductors for even heating. It’s also an excellent option for using teppanyakis or griddle plates up to 40 cm long.
TFT Touchdisplay
For easy operation and good readability from any perspective - TFT Touchdisplay.
TFT Touchdisplay makes the access and operation of all your cooktops functions easy and ensures good readability from any viewing angle.
Home Connect
The intelligent hob that makes life more convenient.
With Wi-Fi-enabled Siemens home appliances and Home Connect, your kitchen is more connected and intelligent. The synergy of Wi-Fi-enabled appliances, intelligent software and an intuitive app offers a wide range of options to easily integrate in your home. While some ease the workload and others open up new possibilities, they all make life as comfortable and convenient as never before.
fryingSensor Plus
Total control for frying.
Feature IconfryingSensor Plus helps make sure every one of your crêpes will be deliciously golden, from first to last. It alerts you when the pan has reached the right temperature, then maintains that exact heat level for as long as you’re cooking. Your creations stay free of scorching, and you can stay focused on your guests.
powerMove Plus
Adjust heat levels in three steps just by moving the cookware – powerMove Plus.
Feature IconpowerMove Plus separates your cooktop into three different heat zones, which are activated by placing your pans on them. You can adjust power levels simply by moving the cookware. Go from high-temperature roasting at the front to keeping meals warm at the back.
Remembers the heat settings for individual pans: flexMotion.
Feature IconflexMotion remembers the heat settings for individual pans, so you can move them freely across the hob. The temperature on the new cooking zone automatically adapts. Spend less time adjusting the hob controls, and more time cooking.
cookConnect system
Control different functions of your hood, like power level or light, directly from your cooktop (with matching hood) - cookConnect system.
Feature IconLet your cooktop interact with your hood for even more convenience. Thanks to the cookConnect system, the hood now activates itself when you start cooking. Plus, the power level and the light can be adjusted either right on the cooktop or via the Home Connect App (with matching hood).
powerBoost function
More power when you need it.
Use powerBoost to increase the power of an induction zone by up to 50%. That could save you up to 35% of the time it usually takes to heat up pots. Spend less time waiting and more time stirring, seasoning and serving your brilliant meals.
Timer with cooking zone shut-off function
Timer with cooking zone shut-off function
The timer with switch-off function safely shuts off the cooking zone when the selected cooking time expires.
Child safety lock
Hazards are eliminated: the childproof lock.
Feature IconWith the childproof lock button, you can quickly and easily protect each induction hob against unauthorised operation. The childproof lock blocks all the hob's functions at the touch of a button. Locking is cleared by pressing the button again and holding down for a few seconds.
Faster, cleaner and safer cooking - powerInduction.
Instantly hot. Instantly cold. Experience the benefits of Siemens Power induction. Heat is conducted directly to the pans and their contents via induction coils, without heating the hob. What this means for you: heat-up times are short, safety is increased and the hob is much easier to clean.
Remote monitoring
Remote monitoring
Thanks to Home Connect, peace of mind is just a click away: monitor your appliance’s settings and receive push notifications when your selected program is finished.

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